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Faculty Feature: Kyle Bennett Turning Thoughts into Action

The vast nature of philosophy drew Kyle Bennett to the discipline. “The thing that I love and enjoy about philosophy is that it studies everything,” he says. “I see philosophy as a tool belt that equips us with reasoning skills and how to ask good questions. It helps us do what we want to do in more coherent ways.”


BoJack Horseman Season 4 Proves to Be Netflix’s Most Artistic Original Yet

Since 2014, when Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s BoJack Horseman debuted as Netflix’s newest animated-original series, it has been an artistic anomaly. The show does not shy away from the heavy issues in life, portraying them through its washed-up protagonist, a ’90s sitcom-star BoJack Horseman voiced by Will Arnett. The difference between this animated series and others that delve into the topics of depression, alcohol dependency, and a slew of other real-life struggles, is that BoJack is an anthropomorphic horse navigating Hollywoo, the show’s vividly-colorful take on America’s entertainment capital where humans and animals live and love together.


How the Tiny Home Movement Represents Millennial Culture (And Why This May Not Be a Good Thing)

The housing market is shrinking, and not just in an economic sense, but in the actual dimensions of homes which are being downsized to 200 square feet or less. Tiny houses are the new trend in home design and architecture, even taking over the home improvement network HGTV. HGTV’s lineup of property flipping and dream homes now features three shows with a smaller focus; Tiny House HuntersTiny House, Big Living, and Tiny Paradise. However, this shift in architectural focus is not only due to changing trends, but reflects the newest generation of homeowners. Both from an architectural and economic standpoint, tiny homes are reflective of millennial culture in norms, values, and prospective futures.


Eddie Eddie By Billy Tommy – NYFW Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

Vintage-inspired, quirky streetwear once again took the forefront in Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy’s spring collection. This eclectic brand founded by Sean Kinney, a leading fashion designer and marijuana farmer, captures the vibe of New York-influenced industrial clothing. Unlike other labels tackling street-chic, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy embraced fashion’s recent thrifting and scavenging craze with a refreshing organic touch.


Wonderful Design Tips for the Cat Lover

For cat-lovers, your home isn’t only a space for you to enjoy, but for your feline companion as well. It’s important to incorporate design elements into your home which can improve its overall appearance while also providing a comfortable or entertaining atmosphere for the love (or loves) of your life.